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13 Jun 2016

Whether you like the word “Cultural fit” or not it has indeed become a buzzword in the world of HR. Like all hot topics, people are arguing the benefits and importance of this and how exactly to put the practice into action. Clearly defined, “Cultural fit” is the science about how employees will be better at doing their work if they work with people that bring forth the best in them. More importantly, it also concerns how to apply the right approach in order to hire the perfect candidates to fit into the company culture.

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18 May 2016

Recruiting passive candidates is not something that is easily done. You will find that making a strategy on exactly how to do it will provide you with much better hires in the end. There are numerous of guides and tips out there and most of them come across the same tactics as we do. Have a look at our recommended approaches concerning social media, the unique values of your company, motivating your current employees and networking.

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14 Apr 2016

Before the implementation of Emply Hire, The Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers used to print and read a lot of job applications, which was a time-consuming process both for the HR team and the candidates. “Now that we have implemented Emply we spend a lot less time administrating our recruitment system and a lot less time processing applications and grading them”, says Allan Masur, Senior HR Advisor.

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31 Mar 2016

Recruitment systems offer an automated way to manage the entire recruitment process; from receiving applications to hiring employees. Activities such as creating a database of candidates, managing and publishing vacancies (to your own website, but also to external job boards), processing applications, screening candidates, inviting and rejecting applicants, building talent pools, etc...

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14 Mar 2016

In the new age of hiring, employer branding is more important than ever. For companies, the topic is about attracting talent by making their brands shine in various ways using different methods, both before candidates are applying for a job and during the hiring process. Today, candidates are more aware of their own opportunities and are willing to hold on until they find the job that they are looking for.

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