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19 Feb 2016

Before Scan Global Logistics were introduced to Emply Hire, like many other companies, the HR department used Outlook and Excel sheets when hiring new candidates. The HR team had to sort out every E-mail and download every application and additional documents that they received during the hiring process. Now, after the implementation of the system Scan Global Logistics have a total overview because of the functions and the great user experience.

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9 Feb 2016

Ever wondered why some companies are more successful than others? Is it their products? Is it their marketing or branding? Do the more successful organizations have more financial resources? No, it’s always the workforce of a company which makes or breaks the success of a company! Human talent is therefore the world’s most sought-after commodity and the process of searching and attracting this commodity is at the heart of every organization.

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29 Jan 2016

Before the HR Department in Semco Maritime was introduced to Emply Hire they were recruiting candidates via Microsoft Outlook. The staff received all of the applications on E-mail and had to mark them with different colours trying to organize the preferred and not preferred candidates. This is the story about how everything completely changed for the better after the HR department started hiring with Emply Hire.

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21 Jan 2016

A new year has begun and now is the time to make sure if your Applicant Tracking System is up to date compared to other ATS systems in the market. As an HR Manager you want to make sure that your department works with an ATS that has the most effective, beneficial and up to date tools, and therefore we have gathered a list of 5 “must haves”.

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4 Jan 2016

From manual work to automated solutions with an up to date Applicant Tracking System, Dennis Twum and Thomas Andersen explains the benefits of using Emply Hire in the Non-governmental organization of UNICEF Denmark. Back in the days managers had to participate in most of the recruitment processes in order to make sure that every step was done properly. Now, with customized work flows and ideal communications tools, the HR managers can handle the processes on their own.

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