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5 Reasons to Split Up With Spreadsheets

5 Reasons to Split Up With Spreadsheets

18 Aug 2017

Some companies still use spreadsheets to handle their recruitments. But when your business starts to grow the process will be much more complex and sadly very time-consuming. Therefore, the need for a professional recruitment system increases.

Probably the number of people working in your company has grown and more people are part of the hiring process. But don’t be stressed if you feel disorganized, this feeling is completely normal. Excel and spreadsheets weren’t put into the world to meet the needs of recruiters.

Below are listed 5 reasons to split up with spreadsheets. 

1. You’ve Outgrown Spreadsheets and Email Systems 

When you’ve started to create spreadsheets to manage your hiring, it’s an indication that you need to start looking for a professional recruitment system. You are probably already a few people on your team and you’ve started to lose the complete overview.

the time people spend on emails and entering data in spreadsheets and documents is much more than you think... I am sure you could find more interesting things to spend your time on...

2. You Want To Reduce Mistakes and Version Control

 Various studies report that 88% of spreadsheets have errors. Many of these mistakes are caused by version control (managing multiple versions of a document), one of the big pitfalls of spreadsheets.

Copying and pasting from several documents is also a sure trap for mistakes. A majority of these mistakes were caused by people. Thus, these mistakes could have been completely avoided. And who doesn’t want to avoid mistakes?

Consider to look for a software system that simplifies achieving one updated version, and eliminates opportunities for human errors. Your co-workers will love you, as you’ll have one place where they’ll find the correct data and can collaborate more easily.

3. You Want to Hire the Best Candidate

Ultimately, what is most important is to attract and find the best candidates. Recruitment systems (Applicant Tracking Systems) are developed to attract and find the best candidates. Modern systems have advanced screening features that’ll help you make the best decisions based on data.

It will help you to collaborate easier in your team via transparency and advanced communication features. You can get a system that allows you to screen and rank the candidates after criteria that you have chosen. This will give you the complete overview and you’ll easily find the candidates that stand out.

4. You Want to Improve the Candidate Experience

You want to create better relationships with your brand advocates, that being your candidates and potential employees. Using a recruitment platform instead of spreadsheets and email will streamline your application process and you’ll seem much more professional.

You'll probably also avoid some of those human error mistakes as the data entry will be up to the candidate - the one most invested in entering the data correctly. Video-interviewing/applications are also something you might consider as an option, and that will be possible by using a professional system. If you want to know more about the use of video for hiring you’ll learn more here.

5. You Want to Create Great Reports

If you aren’t a mathematical lizard, number crunching and reports are not worth spending your time on. If you have data in several different formats and spreadsheets it can be a time-consuming and exhausting work task to create reports.

But with the right system, you don’t have to do the hard work - it will do the work for you. If you want to know more details about your candidates and your performance it is much easier and safer to get the information from your system.

Also, spreadsheets and emails make tracking harder as they can’t register which job boards your candidates come from - making it difficult for you to make informed decisions regarding your paid job placements.

The benefits of using a system that was developed to accommodate your needs are far greater than you hesitations. A system will use all data and combine it in flexible ways that go beyond the basics - so you get those great reports.

… So, let’s face it… You know that there are better solutions out there that would outperform your spreadsheets at any time. Accept and realize that if you're not developing you are retracting.

Look for a system that will save you time and is built for scalability to support your growth. And you should actually start getting excited...

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