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NEW! Sign Your Contracts Digitally!

Easy and Secure Digital Signature with our New Integration to Penneo

18 Sep 2017

You have found the right candidate for the job, and now you only need to get the candidate's signature on the contract. With our new integration to Penneo it's much easier and faster to sign contracts and other documents directly from the Emply Hire platform! 

  1. Simply upload the documents directly in Emply and click send
  2. The parties sign online with digital or touch signature via Penneo
  3. The signed documents will immediately be available in your Emply Hire platform 

Easy, Fast and Safe

It's quick and easy to upload the employment contract or other documents to be signed and click send. The candidate signs securely with NemID, Swedish or Norwegian Bank ID via Penneo, and the signed documents are in the Emply Hire platform immediately. For signing in countries without a supported eID, the signature can be completed with Touch signing.

Security and the New Personal Data Protection Act

The documents are stored and encrypted in data centers that meet the high requirements for handling sensitive data relevant to the new Personal Data Protection Act, which will come into effect in 2018. 

If you are interested in this new integration or you have any questions, you can contact us via phone +45 70 28 60 50 or you can write an e-mail to info@emply.com.

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