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Uncover Your Candidate's Soft Skills by Asking These 3 Questions

How do you assess your candidate's soft skills with your ATS?

1 Feb 2018

Limited headcounts and budgets are what recruiters worldwide experience at the same time as hiring demands are growing. Therefore, it makes sense that recruiters worldwide report that soft skills assessment and automation is on top of the mind of recruiters in the industry, according to  LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report (2018).

Soft skills that are typically top rated are skills such as a strategic mindset, the ability to communicate well and to be a great team player, adaptability and flexibility, strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. Leadership and motivational skills are also highly valued by leaders and managers.

But how do you uncover the candidates’ soft skills? These skills are intangible and often difficult to assess and track. However, it is possible to use a data-driven recruitment system (applicant tracking system) to assess your candidates’ soft skills more precisely. Below we have a few tips as to how you can uncover soft skills.

Uncover your candidates' soft skills by asking these 3 questions

1 ) Ask your candidates to list soft skills they believe are suitable for the job

In the recruitment process when you ask your candidates to fill out your job-related questions, you can ask the candidates to list the soft skills that would be required to be successful in the job. At the actual interview, you can ask the candidates to elaborate on the listed soft skills and provide examples hereof.  

Asking open-ended questions can provide you with a more sincere answer as opposed to asking a leading question such as: “Do you consider yourself a problem solver?”, in which “Yes” is the obvious answer.

2) Let employee referrals assess the candidates' soft skills

Many companies hire based on employee referrals. When employees recommend a candidate they most often have considered how the candidate would fit in the company with a high consideration of their personality and soft skills. Let the referral list and assess the soft skills of the candidate in the applicant tracking system. That way you get a data-driven opportunity to verify the soft skills.

3) Have candidates and references force rank their soft skills

Additionally, it is also an option to ask the candidate and the reference person to force rank the soft skills from the most important to the least important. You get a more in-depth and data-driven answer compared to just asking directly about a soft skill and getting a plain “Yes”. If the rankings are contradicting, you should ask for more in-depth answers to the actual interview. Lastly, if the candidate or reference person list the soft skills that you required towards the bottom or doesn’t list any of your high ranking soft skills you should reconsider or ask elaborating questions.

We hope this will help you to uncover and track your candidates' soft skills. If you have any inquiries, you are always welcome to contact us. You can reach us by phone +45 70286050 or email info@emply.com.



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