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3 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Recruitment Platform

94% say that recruiting software has improved their hiring process

22 Jan 2018

HR managers, recruiters, and staffing firms increasingly face new pressure to stay up-to-date with the most current tools and practices in the hunt for qualified applicants.

Applicant tracking software products are central in this process. Not only do they reduce burdens on hiring managers by minimizing manual tasks, but they also improve the quality of work and enforces better teamwork and workflows. 

In the Recruiting Software Impact Report conducted by Capterra (website service who aims to help businesses find the right software solution), 75% of all the respondents use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking system when hiring. And a powerful number of 94% say that recruiting software has improved their hiring process. Below we've listed 3 things you should consider before choosing a recruitment platform and applicant tracking system.

3 Things to consider before you choose a recruitment platform

Is it user-friendly and intuitive?

It's important that the interface is user-friendly so the users won't spend too much time on time-consuming work tasks that can be solved quickly with a digital workflow.

How flexible is the recruitment platform?

Flexibility should be an incorporated part of the applicant tracking system as flexibility allow the customer to get a customized product that is suitable to the company’s needs and workflows.

Is the supplier agile and innovative?

In this rapidly changing industry, it’s important to have a supplier who is agile and innovative. New trends are emerging constantly and it's pivotal to have a supplier who can accommodate your developing needs. 

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