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18 Sep 2017

You have found the right candidate for the job, and now you only need to get the candidate's signature on the contract. With our new integration to Penneo it's much easier and faster to sign contracts and other documents directly from the Emply Hire platform.

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18 Aug 2017

Some companies still use spreadsheets to handle their recruitment process. But when your business is growing the process will be much more complex and sadly very time-consuming. Therefore, the need for a professional recruitment system increases. Probably the number of people working in your company has grown and more people are part of the hiring process. But don’t be stressed if you feel disorganized, this feeling is completely normal. Excel and spreadsheets weren’t put into the world to meet the needs of recruiters.

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9 Jun 2017

Scheduling interview times that works best for you, your coworkers and the candidate can be a very time-consuming task. Especially, if you have a tight schedule already and maybe you’re approaching the holidays, which makes it much more difficult. Ineffectiveness slows the entire interviewing process and can leave a feeling of frustration and irritation with the candidates. And even worse, they might become disengaged or snapped by your competitor. Attending the interview besides yourself and the candidate there might also be a manager or executive, which makes the scheduling more exhausting. But there are many things you can do to make the interview scheduling more efficient.

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1 Jun 2017

Have you ever spent time on interviews that ended up being a waste of time because the candidates were not a proper match at all? Do you want to attract the best candidates and get a head start in the competition for the best employees? In that case, it can be very beneficial for your company to use video in your recruitment process. It will save you many hours, money and energy. You can use it as a prescreening tool and it will minimize the risk of spending time on unnecessary interviews. Read the 3 reasons why you should implement video in your recruitment process.

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1 Nov 2016

When you have a recruitment system or any other business solution that handles personal information, you must make sure that the information is kept secure, accurate and up to date. For example, when you collect personal data you must tell them who you are, how you will use their personal information and that they have the right to see the information and correct it, if it is wrong.

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